My approach to child care.

Play based learning

Play based learning with Montessori influence. Every moment in a child’s life is a learning opportunity.

Focus on happiness

I focus on safety, happiness, independence and emotional regulation among with learning of discipline.

Love for kids

I treat the children like my own because I believe every child needs to be loved, accepted and welcomed with their unique personality.

Love the outdoors.

Daily walks and a big back yard equipped with toys that promote physical development and gross motor skills.


Full and part time child care services in north seattle

Flexible ages and times

Ages 1.5-3.5 From 7:00 to 5:00 with flexible drop off and pickup.

Simple pricing

$15/hr for more than 30hrs a week or $18/hr otherwise. lunch and snacks included.

Dedicated nap room.

A dedicated nap room with color therapy to help little ones relax.


I play the piano so I include music time in the program and I encourage the little ones to pick an instrument and sing along with me.

Non-toxic cleaning products

All toys are clean and sanitized with non-toxic products.

Learning and sharing

I help little ones learn to understand and control emotions, respect each other, take turns, use the potty.


my journey

  • 1985


    I was born and raised in Greece

  • 2003

    Studying and mentoring.

    Got my Bachelor in Archeology while I was tutoring greek and piano as well.

  • 2010-2013

    Moved to the US

    I moved to the US and got my certificate in early childhood education from University of Washington.

  • 2017

    My girls were born

    The years passed and I was blessed with my twin girls who are now 3 years old.

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Ioanna Makri


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